American paint manufacturer, Sherwin Williams, has released its predicted colour trends for 2020. To reach their forecast colour marketing director Sue Wadden, and her team, studied global trends in colour, design and pop-culture. Sue Wadden told Architectural Digest that, “this year, she was looking to counterbalance the cacophony of stresses that are an increasing factor of contemporary life.” Take a look below for the 5 colour trends she expects we’ll be seeing in 2020.

The colours selected represent joy and serenity. As the wellness trend continues, the home is treated as a sanctuary. A welcoming respite from the busy world, a place to balance the mind, body and spirit. There are 45 colours arranged into 5 groups, each contains 9 hues.

Now, I would never advocate blindly following trends, particular with colour which is so subjective. As I have said before, it is always best to decorate with colours you love. However, if you are not super confident when choosing colour, and you feel drawn to one of these palettes, then this could be a very handy tool to help you plan colour. Whether in a room, or throughout your entire home. Mix and match the different colours in a group, in different rooms. Connecting your rooms with colour will create a cohesive look in your pad. Read more