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Try hardwood flooring for the longest lifespan

With professional installation, hardwood flooring could last more than 100 years. That's why so many homeowners switch to this flooring line, year after year. But, it's an excellent choice for so much more and could be the last flooring you ever choose.

This line is a winning choice if you're interested in floors that match any decor style. Enjoy formats, textures, colors, and designs that do it all. And don't forget that the more you know about these materials, the better decision you can make.

The most extended lifespan and more

Durability is a direct factor in the lifespan wood floors offer. Hardwood flooring species choice has a lot to do with how long your floors will last, as some are harder than others. The harder the species, the more wear it can handle without damage.

Durability also comes as a response to proper installation. Preparation, care, and maintenance all work to protect the surface you can create. It's a process that pays off nicely once the floors are in place and protect your investment.

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Visuals for every room

Few materials are as classic and timeless as wood floors. The rich colors, textures, and features of hardwood transfer to everything around it. It's perfect for any style, from rustic to contemporary, and can be customized to fit them all. 

Finding a match will be easier if you already have your decor. But you can also create a brand new look that caters to all your needs. The best way to find the results you want is to browse all the options with care.

What's so essential about installation?

Installation can affect everything about your hardwood flooring, even long-term. So, whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, ensure proper acclimation. This process can take one to three days and helps equalize humidity.
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